Approaching Women During The Day Gone Wrong

Vancouver Pick-up artists exposed: clubZone Interviews Jan Huang from Mike Schwarz on Vimeo.

There is a dating school in Vancouver where there are dating coaches are not doing a good job. Women are horrified, and it is making the right school look bad. Men are overly aggressive, and the women run off.

Many people think that being persistent will help. This is not always the case. Some women will like it, but most will hate it.

**WARNING** This is definitely not how to approach a lady for the first time

I am okay if a woman hates me, but I am not okay making her hate me.

There are accounts from some real women that were approached on the street about that they liked and did not like.

According to a young lady named Nicole, “ I made it obvious that I did not want to be bothered with him. I looked at my phone and ignored his questions. He would not stop.”

Even though Nicole was not interested, the man did not get the hint.

“ He saw I was uncomfortable but said that he was part of a social club. His instructor told him to come up and talk to me.”

What is this “social club”? He may have been a member of an artist boot camp where he was learning how to approach women and eventually get them into bed. I guess they skipped over the no means no part.

Nicole said, “ The incident left me unsettled. I wanted to get away but felt that I could not. I have been approached before, but this man was too persistent. “

If the woman is not interested, it is time to move on. Not every woman will be interested, and eventually, she will get tired of being polite. The man stated that he was nervous and wanted a reason to talk to her. This made things even worse.

It got weirder still:

The next day Nicole was shopping in the same location and had a friend with her. She saw the same instructor as the previous day. He was a young, well-dressed, Asian male and he had two new students with him. She thought he would remember her from the day before, but he sent another one of his students over to talk to her. Her account is disturbing:

“The guy kept trying to talk, and he got too close to use. I asked him to leave us alone, but he would not leave. He started to get aggressive and got right in our face. It seems like he was trying to start a fight with a man rather than talk to ladies.”

He began to shout at them and asked them if they owned the corner. Nicole kept asking him to go away, but he would not leave. He threatened to follow the girls and would not back down.

In this school, he was not taught that no means no. Nicole said she changed her route home and will not walk around her neighborhood.

This is the worse way to approach a woman. She made it clear she was not interested, and he would not go away.

This behavior can make a woman fearful. An aggressive man that is emotionally underdeveloped is the last thing she wants.

Bouncing back from rejection can make a man stronger. Many guys are not working on themselves. They poorly use the technical steps they learned to meet a woman, but they are not building upon their character.

Problem with Pickup Artist Language

It is important to address the language used when trying to pick up a woman. Most coaches have set language they want the man to use. A man will follow this especially if he is inexperienced with women.

Pick up language is often negative towards a woman. There is meeting a woman and picking her up. While they involve the same physical actions such as starting a conversation or getting her number they mean two different things.

The language used is essential. Making love and fu**ing are physically the same things but they are very different mentally. Words will influence perspective, and that will influence our views on the world.

To start changing your world change the language that you are using. This is a small thing but can make a big difference. It can change the actions that you take.

Acting like a pickup artist will make a woman think they are playing a game. If a man is looking for a relationship, this is not what he wants. Using the right language is a win for everyone when it comes to your approach to day game PUA.