Approaching Women in the Day Goes Terribly Wrong

There is a dating school in Vancouver where there are dating coaches are not doing a good job. Women are horrified, and it is making the right school look bad. Men are overly aggressive, and the women run off.

Many people think that being persistent will help. This is not always the case. Some women will like it, but most will hate it.

I am okay if a woman hates me, but I am not okay making her hate me.

There are accounts from some real women that were approached on the street about that they liked and did not like.

According to a young lady named Nicole, “I made it obvious that I did not want to be bothered with him. I looked at my phone and ignored his questions. He would not stop.”

Even though Nicole was not interested, the man did not get the hint.

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5 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

vacuum cleaner for the blue carpet

For properties to run efficiently, building owners need to have knowledge on the different aspects of building management. One of these areas is carpet maintenance and cleaning. Building owners need to have some knowledge of what carpet cleaning entails.

Carpeting is a significant property investment in a building. Property owners need to protect this investment. One way they can protect the upholstery is by ensuring the proper cleaning equipment and materials are used on the carpet. However, to understand more about carpet cleaning, you need to know the common misconceptions.

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Why You Should Be Implementing a PR Strategy to Your Business

What is public relations and why should you use it?

There are many reasons which can be associated with incorporation of public relations in your business. Public relations entails dealing with the public while on the other hand media relations is deals with the press to reach to the public. Although the two terms are interchangeably used in businesses communications, they are different in meaning.

Through experience and adventures, I have come to understand that small businesses clients do not understand public relations or even the importance of using public relations in promoting their businesses. In this case, small business owners do not know that sharing their business news and or their brands through the media gives a lot of information and attracts more customers than even advertisements. This is one key advantage of having public relation expertise incorporated in your business.

pr firms

In this modern era of technology, including public relations (PR experts) in your business is the wisest decision you can make. The reason behind having PR experts is that they are professional publicists who use news media to publicize your business. Through PR art, these professionals generate “public interest which makes your business, messages, products and services have a higher distribution network.” says Lois Gerbe, a Vancouver PR (Public Relations) expert at Magnolia Marketing Communications. In creating publicity, you may fail to realize immediate returns, but you should understand that some people read and know a lot about what you are offering although they have not bought or requested for the services.

In every public relation instance, there are standard procedures which ought to be followed to show professionalism and ethics. PR specialists are well equipped with knowledge, skills, and expertise in every scenario that presents itself. Some of the methods used in creating publicity include the use of magazine/newsletter/newspaper articles, media interview, television shows and radio talks. However, for these methods to prevail, you need to have a specialist who is convincing media outlets to discuss, talk, interview or write about your products and services. Using PR professional services is the primary method of successfully launching, growing and branding businesses today.

Set your goals and then use PR to achieve them

Public relations can be used in crisis management of current trends or incidences which might affect your business. Therefore, this knowledge can be used to solve company’s scandals and challenges to avoid incurring losses. Although there are professions who specializes in crisis management, there are proactive PR specialists whose primary objective is to shape the public perception of your business.

To be able to incorporate proactive PR successfully, you are supposed to know what you want to achieve at the moment and in future. This entails to all the products, services, organization, new business models, brands, target market, etc. In setting up your goals, you need to make crucial decisions which might affect the future expansion of your business. You should know whether you want to be local or international? If you want to take your business to the public or sell it or growing from small to big business. Also, you might consider if you are planning on expanding or selling your business after some time.

After knowing the answers to these questions, you are required to use the following checklist to trigger your publicity goals. The following list is incomplete; you are supposed to check off or add as many as you would like to achieve your goals.

Public relation should help you:

  • Boost your income
  • Increase your retail and online traffic
  • Attract prospective investors to your business
  • Increase your company’s name recognition and vision
  • Reach more people to advertise your brand your events to increase attendance or participation
  • Start and increase membership to your business
  • Increase your customers through media
  • Create public awareness of the products and services you are offering
  • Attract volunteers
  • Get support or change a misconception which may arise
  • Build your brand’s trust with the industries you’re involved in
  • Get more publicity and sales

Therefore, you should take enough time to think before making a decision of involving public relations in your business. The reason behind starting a public relations program is a key to your approach and the angle of conveying your publicity messages. Also, the goals, objectives, and means of advertising message delivery are fully dependant on your reasons for using PR. Since it’s clear that your intentions matter and can affect your business significantly, you should consider getting important advice, suggestions, and opinions from PR experts to make a sound decision.

Atlanta Fisher Catches Giant Sturgeon in Fraser River

Have you heard about the fourth monster sturgeon in two years to be captured on the Fraser river?

The Story

Well, it was caught by a 19-year-old angler from Atlanta, Georgia who was fishing with his father for the first time. Well, the truth is that the 19-year-old was the fourth person to catch this giant Fraser at River sturgeon within a period of two years.

One Thursday when Paul Jarvis and his father Don were having their usual father and son bonding moments on a fishing trip Paul hooked into one of the largest white sturgeon on river Fraser.

The fish measured around three and a half meters in length and one and a half meters in width. The weight was “mathematically calculated as the fish was not removed from the water and weighed around 400 kilograms.” according to Roson, owner of

Super Sturgeon

According to one University sophomore, the weight and power of the giant Fraser were unbelievable as it was mighty. It was quite difficult for Paul and his dad to handle the fish as Paul had to keep on hydrating himself while holding the giant fish. Also, his father had to hold on to his fighting belt and harness it, so he doesn’t get pulled into the water by the giant. Well according to Paul the head of the fish seemed to be huge the moment it came out of the water.

Since the two could not bring the fish onto the shore on their own, they were helped by the boats guide man from the Dean Werk of Great River Fishing adventurers. The fish was scanned, and Werk reported that the fish had not previously been tagged and therefore a PIT tag was applied on the fish to mark it. To celebrate the victory Dan and his dad stood at the back of the fish to take a picture with it.

Previous Instances

One of the other three giant fish was caught in September 2012 by Kamloops resident Norman Daley, and the giant weighed 500 kilograms. Also, the July of the same year, another British tourist hooked a similar sized fish and released it back to water after a total of 90 minutes struggle with it.According to Marvin Rosenau who is an instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s School of the environment, such sturgeon of such sizes are usually quite old and have lived in the water a long period.


The fishing of these sturgeon breaks the record as it is unusual to catch such giants within the short period.

For more on sturgeon fishing, book a trip with Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing to start catching yourself a giant Fraser River sturgeon catching. You can also find them on Pinterest


Top 4 Tips to Successfully Finish Drywall on Your Own

The majority of people opt to hire help when it comes to finishing drywall, as one has to have some knowledge under one’s belt to perform this action and thus not make mistakes, such as conducting a grand amount of sanding. If you currently can’t afford outside help, that’s okay; several helpful tips can teach you how to get the job done. If you take them into consideration, you will be okay.

If Hung Well, Drywall Is Easy to Finish

Don’t commit the error of being scrappy with your drywall. You will “not be saving money by utilizing every little piece of drywall.” says Kevin Ngo, owner This will result in you conducting even more work. It is best to utilize as many big pieces as you possibly can, and don’t railroad drywall. Butt joints should be staggered along seams. Just in case you were not aware, a butt joint is where the two untampered and shorter edges of the drywall end up a meeting. The seams are where the longer tapered edges end up meeting the drywall. Make sure to never place a butt joint from top to bottom. The drywall should be the hung vertically, as it is difficult to climb and down a ladder to get the long seams done than walking back and forth to finish one that is in the middle of the wall. You have to make sure that the butt joints and seams are very tight. Carefully, you should measure and cut.

Utilize Self-Adhesive Mesh Tape

Many people opt for paper tape, but it tends to be difficult to apply; therefore, it is best to avoid it. With self-adhesive tape, you can stick it and mud right on it. It fits angles, and it’s easy to utilize. One extra perk of opting for self-adhesive mesh tape is that it can be used to patch holes in walls.

Splurge on a Great Metal Pan and Knife

Metal is the way to go, not plastic, as it ‘s hard to clean. By opting for metal, you will not have to deal with dried chunks of mud in fresh mud, which will result in lines on all new coats. Opting for plastic will result in this mess and other messes, as well.


Metal corner bead that one nail is the most difficult to work with. If you are doing arches, the white plastic kind that you place with spray adhesive is the ideal option. For good corners, opt for tape-on corner bead. It is a paper on the edges and metal on the inside. With this kind, before sticking the corner bead on, you will place mud on drywall edge of outside corners. To ensure that bubbling doesn’t take place or to prevent mud from going under the paper, make sure to wipe mud carefully.

Try Them!

If you take the previously mentioned tips into consideration, you will be able to finish drywall like a pro in a short period or you can simply hire reputable drywall companies in Metro Van to get it done for you. You can check us out on Twitter as well!

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