Top 4 Tips to Successfully Finish Drywall on Your Own

The majority of people opt to hire help when it comes to finishing drywall, as one has to have some knowledge under one’s belt to perform this action and thus not make mistakes, such as conducting a grand amount of sanding. If you currently can’t afford outside help, that’s okay; several helpful tips can teach you how to get the job done. If you take them into consideration, you will be okay.

If Hung Well, Drywall Is Easy to Finish

Don’t commit the error of being scrappy with your drywall. You will “not be saving money by utilizing every little piece of drywall.” says Kevin Ngo, owner This will result in you conducting even more work. It is best to utilize as many big pieces as you possibly can, and don’t railroad drywall. Butt joints should be staggered along seams. Just in case you were not aware, a butt joint is where the two untampered and shorter edges of the drywall end up a meeting. The seams are where the longer tapered edges end up meeting the drywall. Make sure to never place a butt joint from top to bottom. The drywall should be the hung vertically, as it is difficult to climb and down a ladder to get the long seams done than walking back and forth to finish one that is in the middle of the wall. You have to make sure that the butt joints and seams are very tight. Carefully, you should measure and cut.

Utilize Self-Adhesive Mesh Tape

Many people opt for paper tape, but it tends to be difficult to apply; therefore, it is best to avoid it. With self-adhesive tape, you can stick it and mud right on it. It fits angles, and it’s easy to utilize. One extra perk of opting for self-adhesive mesh tape is that it can be used to patch holes in walls.

Splurge on a Great Metal Pan and Knife

Metal is the way to go, not plastic, as it ‘s hard to clean. By opting for metal, you will not have to deal with dried chunks of mud in fresh mud, which will result in lines on all new coats. Opting for plastic will result in this mess and other messes, as well.


Metal corner bead that one nail is the most difficult to work with. If you are doing arches, the white plastic kind that you place with spray adhesive is the ideal option. For good corners, opt for tape-on corner bead. It is a paper on the edges and metal on the inside. With this kind, before sticking the corner bead on, you will place mud on drywall edge of outside corners. To ensure that bubbling doesn’t take place or to prevent mud from going under the paper, make sure to wipe mud carefully.

Try Them!

If you take the previously mentioned tips into consideration, you will be able to finish drywall like a pro in a short period or you can simply hire reputable drywall companies in Metro Van to get it done for you. You can check us out on Twitter as well!

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