Atlanta Fisher Catches Giant Sturgeon in Fraser River

Have you heard about the fourth monster sturgeon in two years to be captured on the Fraser river?

The Story

Well, it was caught by a 19-year-old angler from Atlanta, Georgia who was fishing with his father for the first time. Well, the truth is that the 19-year-old was the fourth person to catch this giant Fraser at River sturgeon within a period of two years.

One Thursday when Paul Jarvis and his father Don were having their usual father and son bonding moments on a fishing trip Paul hooked into one of the largest white sturgeon on river Fraser.

The fish measured around three and a half meters in length and one and a half meters in width. The weight was “mathematically calculated as the fish was not removed from the water and weighed around 400 kilograms.” according to Roson, owner of

Super Sturgeon

According to one University sophomore, the weight and power of the giant Fraser were unbelievable as it was mighty. It was quite difficult for Paul and his dad to handle the fish as Paul had to keep on hydrating himself while holding the giant fish. Also, his father had to hold on to his fighting belt and harness it, so he doesn’t get pulled into the water by the giant. Well according to Paul the head of the fish seemed to be huge the moment it came out of the water.

Since the two could not bring the fish onto the shore on their own, they were helped by the boats guide man from the Dean Werk of Great River Fishing adventurers. The fish was scanned, and Werk reported that the fish had not previously been tagged and therefore a PIT tag was applied on the fish to mark it. To celebrate the victory Dan and his dad stood at the back of the fish to take a picture with it.

Previous Instances

One of the other three giant fish was caught in September 2012 by Kamloops resident Norman Daley, and the giant weighed 500 kilograms. Also, the July of the same year, another British tourist hooked a similar sized fish and released it back to water after a total of 90 minutes struggle with it.According to Marvin Rosenau who is an instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s School of the environment, such sturgeon of such sizes are usually quite old and have lived in the water a long period.


The fishing of these sturgeon breaks the record as it is unusual to catch such giants within the short period.

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